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Interview With Senior Market Advisor Magazine

Exciting article with Kim talking about the success of SFL marketing...

Senior Market Advisor: Why are your presentations and seminars so successful?
KM: Well, the focus on the seminar is the total effort of what we do here. When I do a seminar, it's probably 50 minutes. I tell them that their minds can absorb only what their rear ends can endure. So I keep it to 50 minutes. I think they appreciate that. We spend probably about half of that time or a third of that time talking about our infrastructure, what we do, what we've set up.

We have about four topics in this seminar. One of them is health care. The second topic is legal issues. The third topic is financial issues, which is pretty heavy on discussion on IRAs, dealing with IRAs. They are very complex. We have discussions on the complexities of the marketplace, the options that are available to them that are so complex.

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